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Organic farming is subject to a specification prohibits the use of fertilizers or synthetic products. Apply an organic fertilizer is an obligation to certify its products.

Different organic fertilizers exist. They may be of animal or vegetable origin.

Organic fertilizers have many advantages:
They contain organic substances which are beneficial for the vegetation. They also stimulate the growth of roots.
The nutrients are released directly into the soil. These are degraded by microorganisms then absorbed by the roots.
Their neutral actions can significantly improve soil quality (porosity, ability to retain water, resistance to erosion by wind and water).

PLANTIN has an extensive fertilizer for organic farming range :

Fertilizers Liquid Concentrates foliares (PLANTALG)
Organic Liquids N.P.K. to drop to drop
Organic Improvment
Raww Materials
Trade Elemants

Find all of these products in the technical chart of our products used in organic agriculture.

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