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M. ABEILLE, PLANTIN's Manager, answers our questions.

PLANTIN manufactures and distributes specific fertilizers to market garden, horticultural, arboricultural and wine-making productions in open ground or out soil culture.

How has this firm built up a reputation which exceeds national territory?

    "What are your major guidances in a context marked by strictness and competition? ?"

Henri ABEILLE : " Techniques and obligations of production are in constant development.Distributors' needs also modify. One must know about this fact, adapt and innovate. "

    "Yes ! But what about your responsabilities in the achievement of this double objective ?"

H.A : " Everything gTEs through men.Very important means are consecrated to the training of our collaborators, of all levels of intervention and responsability. The homogeneity of the team is a good source of motivation which maintains the progress of the firm. The consequence of this is a great diversification through a complete range of our products."

    "Yes, but how are your distributors concerned about our products ?"

H.A : " First of all, a strong and personnalized relation is established between us. It' s materialized by a joint action and appropriate answers to our custmers' wishes which are given. The specific range of products, even the biological control, cover all types of needs for all kinds of cultivation.

This range is completed by a production plan and a logistic delivery program which help our distributors to have a better control of their stocks. In fact the availability of the products on the site itself allows the mixing of the loading of a truck. We can then effectively practise a strategy of strained flow which is today essential to make real margins. "

    Do your distributors have the benefit of specific advantages?

H.A : " These are of two kinds. Naturally, all our products are exclusively distributed by them. Also, our technical support is provided whether it concerns information and technical training of their collaborators or ground advices.

On the other hand, the technical promotion of our products secure our customers in a privileged position regarding their own strength."

    "What would be your conclusion to this interview ?"

H.A : " We have the vocation of promoting products and techniques which answer to profitable obligations of distributors and produccers as well as the protection of the environment.

Beyond, our mission is to share our know-how with our distributing customers because it is with them that we build up our expansion."