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Blended Trace Elements :

Providing trace elements steadily to plants is necessary for their balance and growth, as well as principle elements. This supply should be made as a preventive one with our purified trace elements because it is very difficult to determine the deficiently trace element which alone is unbalancing the plant and reducing its yield.

OLIGOMIX (powder) and PLANTIOL (liquid) are trace elements compound. Plants need regular supplies of Trace Elements for their equilibrium and development, and so for their yield in the same capacity as main elements. This supply should be given as a preventive measure. It is very di*cult to determine the de%cient Trace Element which alone will create the unbalanced of the plant and reduce its yield.

Packaging : OLIGOMIX (powder) :

Bag of 25 kg

PLANTIOL/ P6Fe / P20Fe (liquid) :

Drum of 20 L
Drum of 200 L
Tank of 1000 L

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